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National Symposium 2009

Since the March 8, 2008, more and more Malaysians are convinced that the country is on the threshold of a major political change. Once considered a near impossibility or an opposition pipe dream, a change of government at federal level is now seen as graspable. That most Malaysians consider such a change possible and doable is a remarkable development in itself.

Volumes have been written and spoken about the possibility of such a change, and many are confident it can be done peacefully and according to constitutional principles. However, debate has been less than robust on what the change would entail politically. To promote discussion in this area, Institut Kajian Dasar is organising a one-day symposium on Pakatan Rakyat and the Making of a Two-Party System. Leader of the opposition Dato` Seri Anwar Ibrahim will deliver the keynote speech.

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