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Seminar : "Takhrij Hadith Nusantara Realiti Dan Keperluan Dalam Masyarakat Islam"

Seminar : "Takhrij Hadith Nusantara Realiti Dan Keperluan Dalam Masyarakat Islam"
Hadith is one of the primary sources for Muslims after al – Quran. Unlike al – Quran, hadith is always exposed to the issue of its authenticity. The writing of works such as al-Mawdu’at by Ibn al-Jawzi, al-Lali al-Masnu’ah ‘ala Ahadith al-Mawdu’ah by al-Suyuti and Silsilah al-Ahadith al-Daifah wa al-Mawdu’ah by al-Albani have showed us how concerned the ulama were in conforming the standing and the authoritativeness of such hadith.

Muslim society in Malay Archipelago has long been influenced with some of fabricated and weak hadith.  Research conducted in higher education institutions has so far managed to highlight this concerning issue that occurs in the society. One of the seminar’s objectives is therefore to expose the reality of hadith application amongst Muslim society in Malay Archipelago. In addition, it is also aiming at the challenges and the needs that the authority will face in upholding their responsibility towards this matter.

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08:30 am
The Academy of Islamic Studies, Universiti of Malaya
Institution: RM 380.00, Presenter: RM 300.00, Individual: RM 180.00, Attach paper: RM 180.00, Student(with matrix card): RM 80.00
Open to
Public , Staff , Student & Alumni
The Department of al-Quran and al-Hadith,
Tel No. : 03-79676010
Fax No. : 03-79676143

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